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2021 Incentive Program Begins

January 04, 2021

The HealthySteps to Wellness Program is kicking off our 10 year anniversary by helping you design your own path to a healthier lifestyle. In addition to free and discounted Wellness Tools, and expanded health education offerings, you also have the...

Start with What Matters Most – How Purpose and Dignity Help Us Thrive in the Pandemic and Beyond

January 12, 2021

2020 has been a tumultuous year to say the least, with its effects permeating our homes, workplaces, and communities around the globe. As we launch into 2021, how can we boost our emotional well-being, resupply our energy, and build a...
Online Class

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

January 12, 2021

This class is co-sponsored with the Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine.It has been known for centuries in the meditative traditions, and now widely accepted in Western culture, that the sustained practice of mindfulness meditation can have profoundly healing and transformative...

Beyond Diet – The Science of the Human Appetite

January 13, 2021

Why are some people hungrier than others? Why, despite all of the latest advice, are obesity rates still so high? And why don't diets seem to work in the long run? Join us for this engaging and informative noontime webinar...

The Art of Snacking

January 15, 2021

Do you belong to the 90% of Americans who snack? Do you go for that planned mid-day snack, graze your way through the workday, or skip meals in lieu of your favorite treat? Our culture is obsessed with snacking, and...

Gentle Reset – Embracing New Beginnings

January 19, 2021

Our challenges do not disappear with the turn of a calendar, yet something about this time of year inspires a reset. How can we embrace the new beginning of a year while honoring the continued reality of our circumstances? This...
Online Class

New to Grief – Coping with Loss and Strengthening Resilience

January 21, 2021

When someone experiences a loss, their grief can overwhelm them with strong and conflicting emotions. Some may feel drowned in sorrow, while others feel numb and removed from daily life. Grief can make it difficult to carry on with day-to-day...

Safe Inside – Cultivating Inner Security in an Uncertain World

January 21, 2021

Physical safety is critical to our well-being, yet even when our basic physical needs are being met, we still may not feel safe inside. Safety is a combination of protection from physical harm as well as an inner feeling based...

Get Excited to Create Your Physical Activity Plan – Tips from Behavioral and Exercise Science

January 22, 2021

It is no secret that physical activity provides countless benefits for both the body and mind, yet despite good intentions, many people struggle with sticking to a plan. This noontime webinar will combine expertise from both exercise and behavioral science,...
Online Class

Resourcing Ourselves for Resilience

January 25, 2021

You may have heard that resilience is about “bouncing back” after an experience of failure or adversity, but resilience can also allow an individual to “bounce forward” and experience a positive change after a traumatic event. Resilience is not a...
Online Class

Intuitive Eating – Making Peace with Food

January 27, 2021

Are you tired of the endless dieting-cycles and body loathing? Do you analyze every food decision? Have you stopped trusting yourself around food? Diets are not only a low ROI endeavor, they can cause long term harm, "eat up" our...
Online Class

Take Charge! Guided Advance Care Planning

January 28, 2021

What matters most to you? If you were facing serious illness, what kind of care would you want? If you couldn’t speak for yourself, who would? Planning for your future care can bring peace of mind – to you and...

Let’s Try This Again – A Fresh Take on Healthy Eating for 2021

January 28, 2021

This is the time of year when we make resolutions related to diet and exercise, but these new goals often fall short when we approach our resolutions with fad diets, internal and external weight bias, and unrealistic expectations of weight...
Online Class

Nurturing Connections During Challenging Times

January 29, 2021

It is natural to feel disconnected, stressed, or unhappy amidst these restricting, uncertain times. Our lack of social connections has heightened our need for togetherness, and yet many of us do not know how to become fulfilled. Can fulfillment come...
Online Class

Food Planning 101

January 29, 2021

Do you feel like you’re eating the same thing over and over again? Are you getting lost in the “should’s” and “should not’s” of food prep and planning? Healthy eating begins with a well-stocked pantry and a simple, nutritious meal...