• Don’t bite into nutrition myths

    You start your morning off with a simple cup of coffee while checking the news, ...

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  • Finding purpose at work

    You’ll spend about 90,000 hours of your life working. Leah Weiss, PhD, a lecturer at Stanford ...

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  • New blood pressure guidelines: Why they matter

    For the first time since 2003, U.S. blood pressure guidelines (from the American College of ...

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  • Your guide to a well-rounded workout

    America is fitness crazy. We’re flooded with fitness magazines, commercials for exercise videos and social ...

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  • Surviving the family holiday

    Mary Foston-English, MFT, is the assistant director of Stanford’s Faculty and Staff Help Center. HealthySteps ...

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  • The psychology of spending

    Financial health is an essential component to wellness. To learn more about the thoughts, emotions ...

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  • Self-compassion: The best medicine

    Won’t “being your own worst critic” toughen you up and ultimately make you perform better? ...

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  • Having a healthy fear of skin cancer

    Skin cancer is the most common human cancer in the U.S., and its most serious ...

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  • Sniffing out the truth about allergies, asthma and common colds

    Have you long suspected that every spring you experience mild allergy symptoms, and yet lately ...

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Living longer: Reaping the rewards

Human life expectancy has increased significantly in the 21st century — a remarkable achievement, but also ...

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Vaping: At your own risk

Mango. Crème brûlée. Cucumber. Mint. No, these aren’t just ice cream flavors. They are some ...

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