Coaching for Health Care Clinicians

HealthySteps to Wellness offers an individualized coaching program specifically for health care clinicians (physicians, PhD’s, residents, fellows, medical assistants, nurses, Advance Practice Providers (APP), behavioral health providers, therapists, psychiatrists and other non-physician licensed clinicians), designed in collaboration with WellMD. This program is approved for EA (Tuition Reimbursement) funds.

About the Program:

In response to WellMD’s call for additional personal resilience resources, we are offering a Health Coaching program specifically for health care clinicians. 

The program begins and ends with a Personal Health Inventory self-assessment, so participants can see their progress. Participants are guided through the process to create sustainable progress in health and professional fulfillment.


The Program includes: 

  • 4-session or 6-session package of one-on-one Coaching
  • A dedicated Health Coach, certified from an accredited coaching program and/or a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach


Topics include:

  • Navigating work and home demands
  • Enhancing meaning and purpose in work
  • Adapting to our “new normal” with COVID-19
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Reducing social isolation
  • Discerning true priorities
  • Prioritizing self-care


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