Compassion Week

December 05, 2022 - December 09, 2022

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You’re invited to Compassion Week!  An opportunity at the end of the year for care, reflection, and practice. Compassion Week will offer daily valuable resources and activities to enhance self-compassion as well as compassion in the workplace. Each day offers a unique experience to practice compassion where you need it the most:

  • Day 1 Be a Good Friend to Yourself
  • Day 2 Self-Compassion Break
  • Day 3 Compassion Storytelling
  • Day 4 Understand the Difference Between Self-Compassion and Team Compassion
  • Day 5 Compassionate Communication


Download the evidence-based Compassion Toolkit as a resource to participate as a team or practice individually.  Find a moment to watch our recorded speaker session with Lakiba Pittman on Compassion for Self While Working with Others. Watch and learn how to enhance your creativity.


Download Toolkit


Watch the recorded Compassion Week Speaker Session:

Biography: Lakiba Pittman is an educator, consultant, creative artist, and public speaker. She is a senior adjunct professor at Menlo College where she teaches about diversity in the workplace, culture in media, and race. She is also certified by Stanford University’s Center for Compassion & Altruism Research & Education (CCARE) and develops and delivers classes, workshops, and culturally relevant compassion training.

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