A Toolkit for Cultivating Compassion


Bring compassion awareness back to your workplace

Participate in daily activities as an individual (or as a team) by downloading a HealthySteps to Wellness Compassion Tool Kit.



For your convenience, we recorded the 2021 event’s sessions and are making them available so you can watch and learn from them to enhance your daily creativity. Please click the links below to watch the sessions:

Session 1, The Power of Compassion to Change Lives with James Doty, MD

Session 2, Gratitude as a Wellspring to Compassion with Robert Emmons, PhD

Session 3, Compassion & Emotional Intelligence with Emma Seppala, PhD

Session 4, Awakening Compassion at Work with Monica Worline, PhD

Session 5, Creating Fresh Possibilities Out of Impossibly Fragile Conversations with Meag-gan O’Reilly, PhD

Session 6, Overcoming Self-Judgment with Self-Compassion with Al’ai Alvarez, MD


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