Grant Program FAQs

How many grants are funded every year?

Four. Two for Stanford Health Care, and two for Stanford Children’s Health.

How much do grant award winners receive?

The budget range is between $200-$1,000.

Why didn’t my team’s application receive a grant award?
  • We receive a high volume of applications and our total grant budget is modest.
  • Now that teams know that grant applications open twice a year, there is more awareness and, therefore, a higher number of applications each season.
  • Due to limited funding, we are not able to award as many applications as we would like.
  • Please be sure to review the application criteria and ensure that your proposed activities follow the SMART format. Also be sure that you have team buy-in and your entire team is on board with the activity you are proposing in your application.
Are teams allowed to re-submit applications?

Yes, we encourage teams to re-submit. Before doing so, please consult the HealthySteps to Wellness team if you have any specific questions about your application. Please keep in mind that working with us to review your submission is not a guarantee for future funding.

My team was previously awarded grant funds. Can we apply for a new grant?

You can, however, the aim of the grant program is to increase scope. We focus on awarding grant projects that have a high probability of being maintained regardless of future funding.