Virtual Cooking Class – Seasonal Cooking to Nourish You from the Inside Out

April 06, 2022

In this fun and engaging virtual cooking class, participants will prepare a delicious spring menu that is simple, spontaneous and nourishes you from the inside out with anti-inflammatory ingredients. 

You will learn practical tips to bring evidence-based nutrition into your seasonal cooking while preparing a refreshing green smoothie, a simple soup, and a plant-driven main course with skin, gut, and brain boosting benefits. Ingredient substitutions, including protein options, will be demonstrated or suggested to accommodate most dietary needs and preferences. A guide of spring foods with anti-inflammatory benefits will be included.

The recipes, including ingredients and equipment needed, will be sent out at least one week before the class so you'll have time to shop for ingredients in advance. 

Instructor: Lisa Roberts Hurd, MPhil, MA, is an Oxford University educated culinary archaeologist, board certified health coach, and chef. Her work is featured in The Huffington Post, Brad Lamm’s JUST 10 LBs, and Erika Lenkert’s Healthy Eating During Pregnancy. Recent collaborations include Yelp, lululemon, and Stanford Healthy Living.