The Improviser’s Mindset (April 20 – May 11)

April 20, 2022

Improvisational theater is the art of getting onstage in front of a live audience and making up a story, collaboratively. The skills required to accomplish this while on the spot and under pressure are invaluable offstage as well. 

In this online engagement class, you will learn and practice improvisational skills that can develop resilience, resourcefulness, agile thinking, and imagination. These four 90-minute experiential workshops will explore the core concepts of applied improvisation, including accepting offers, building on ideas, embracing mistakes, and inspiring your partners. 

By practicing with a cohort, you will also gain skills in forming bonds and making connections. Every session will be framed with theory and principles, yet filled with dynamic, engaging, playful and safe exercises. Now more than ever, we need an improviser’s mindset to combat physical distance and deepen social connection. Join us!

Instructor: Jessia Hoffman is a leadership trainer, teambuilding consultant, and the founder of OnDeck Workshops. A Bay Area native and Stanford graduate, she has delivered programs for diverse clients, from Fortune 500s to startups to nonprofits. Jessia is a performance coach in the Knight-Hennessy program, and she brings 15 years of improv experience to the classroom.