The Art of Connection (May 2 – 16)

May 02, 2022

What is required for us to understand each other better? Work together better? After the profound isolation of the pandemic, many of us are hungry for ways to experience community with others and deepen our personal and professional relationships.

Join us for an intimate, interactive class that will use partnered dialogue and inquiry to practice empathy, vulnerability, and curiosity to create meaningful connection. Over three online sessions, we will focus on developing a space of intimacy and openness with new people, learning to ask better questions to see one another and be seen. This class will culminate with exploring the concept of experience design, working in partners to create small experiential gifts for each other.

Instructor: Ayden LeRoux is an artist, writer, and educator living in Brooklyn. With long-time collaborator Abraham Burickson, she co-authored Odyssey Works (Princeton Architectural Press), which proposes a new approach to artmaking that centers empathy to rethink the relationship between artist and audience. She has lectured and taught internationally at Adobe, Apple, Brooklyn Museum, CCA, Facebook, the Future of Storytelling, and Stanford.