Maximizing Your Motivation: Finding Your Why for Wellness

September 29, 2022 | 12:00pm - 1:00pm | Your Computer


Most of us want to live healthier lives, and information abounds on how to eat healthy, start an exercise program, and get better sleep. And yet despite good intentions, many of us struggle to achieve our health and well-being goals. In this webinar, we will draw upon behavior science research to identify the factors that can stand in the way of our wellness goals and learn evidence-based strategies to create healthy lifestyle changes that stick. This includes identifying more helpful “whys” for specific health behavior, tapping into intrinsic motivators, and aligning health behaviors with a greater sense of purpose or one’s values.  Practical applications and examples will be provided, with self-reflection exercises offered to help participants build their own personal motivation map. 

HealthySteps to Wellness participants earn 30 points for attending the event via Zoom or viewing a video recording after the event. Register early for this popular event!