Introduction to EPS China Data, Presentation by Lei Lei of EPS China Data

March 03, 2022

Invited speaker Lei Lei of EPS China Data will give a presentation at the Stanford Libraries’ Gear Up for Social Science Data 2022  Program. 

Moderated by Zhaohui Xue, East Asia Library, Stanford Libraries. 

This talk is an introduction to the EPS China Data Platform and content coverage which includes: Data resources, Data Search, Data Display, and Data Processing.

EPS China Data presents a collection of China statistical data and census data which could be the largest and most comprehensive on the market. One platform (i.e. EPS Data Platform) provides access to 41 China statistical databases (and more sub-databases) in a wider range of subjects and fields. EPS China Data contains over 1.2 million time series of basic and combined statistical indicators with a yearly increment of more than 55 million numeric data.

Join us to find out more about how to use this data provided by Stanford University Libraries.