Hybrid Tai Chi Class

June 09, 2022

Join SRWC Campus Services and the SRWC Recreation & Wellness Center for our next hybrid Tai Chi class on Thursday, June 9 at noon. Registration to attend in person is limited to the first 15 RSVPs.

Tai chi unifies body, mind, energy, nurtures every part of ourselves. It helps build better balance, improve flexibility, and reduce stress. Health Qigong calms the mind and regulates the breathing. Movements are smooth, gentle, and graceful; anyone can learn and practice.

If you're attending online, add the event to your calendar

RSVP to attend in person at the SRWC Recreation & Wellness Center

If you have any questions or accessibility requests, contact srwc_events@stanford.edu.

Full event information: https://redwoodcity.stanford.edu/events/srwc/june-srwc-tai-chi-hybrid-class

Location: Stanford Redwood City | Recreation & Wellness Center (900 Warrington Ave, Redwood City, CA 94063)