Bike to Work Month

May 01, 2023 - May 31, 2023

Every Day is Bike to Work Day—Ride Your Bike!

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While May is National Bike Month, biking isn’t limited to one month a year.

To ensure you and your fellow riders are doing what you can to stay safe, refer to our Learn About Bike Safety page.

With traffic increasing in the Bay Area and restrictions easing for employees returning to campus, we want our community—both drivers and riders—to be attentive to the increased activity. Paying attention and avoiding distractions can help keep riders safe on the roadways and on campus.

To support a safe journey, we have compiled a list of bike safety resources and bike safety tips.


Safety First! Here are key “Dos” and “Don’ts”:

  • Do: Wear a helmet for every ride.

  • Don’t: Don’t be distracted while riding.

  • Do: Always keep both hands on the handlebars to be ready for a quick and smooth stop, applying the right (rear) brake first to avoid flipping over the handlebars.

  • Don’t: Don’t talk or text on your cell phone when riding a bike or driving. Refer to the California Highway Patrol’s message for National Bike Month on shared roadway responsibility when riding.


Bike Safety Tips

Follow these safety tips every day you ride to help you arrive safely at your destination. It’s a good, healthy habit to be equipped, be predictable and be alert. We want a safer campus for bicyclists and motorists alike—we are all in this together and share the roads we ride.

Bike Safety Tips


Additional resources for quick reference


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