For Your Team

Team Training


The HealthySteps team is here to support your team’s wellness goals. We can work with your team in a variety of settings…


  • in huddles
  • at staff meetings
  • at retreats
  • through our pilot programs
  • at seminars


Team Trainings include:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
    Short body scan or love and kindness meditation
  • Self-Care
    Learn more about topics such as laughter, practicing gratitude, optimism and deep breathing
  • Positive Psychology Interventions
    Write in a 3 Good Things Journal, Gratitude Letter and uncover your Signature Strengths
  • What is Wellness?
    Discover your own definition of wellness
  • What does it mean to be in “flow”?
    Find out how to transform work into a flow activity
  • Guiltless Conversations About Physical Activity and Food Choices  
    Change the way you perceive exercise and nutrition choices
  • HealthySteps Overview
    Get answers to your questions about the incentive program and wellness tools options.
  • Hospital Stair Tour
    Explore different stair routes and make it easier to get your steps in each day
  • Scavenger Hunts Around Campus
    Split into teams to hunt for various landmarks around campus.  Follow clues, enjoy the sunshine, take photos and have some fun
  • Create Your Own
    Let us know if you have a unique Team Training request or would like to mix-and-match any of the above options

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Interested in a six-week course?

Try one of our new courses. The classes meets once a week for 30 minutes and run for six weeks. A minimum of 5 participants are needed.

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