Perfect Love: 5.5 Ways to a Lasting Relationship.

November 05, 2022 | 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Generally, we look at relationships from a self-centered viewpoint i.e. what's in it for me. This mindset leads to superficial relationships that are focused on external parameters & prevents us from experiencing deep fulfilling genuine connections that truly satisfy our hearts. Love thrives on acceptance and is strangled with expectations. 

In this talk 'Perfect Love: 5.5 Ways to a Lasting Relationship' the speaker Dr. Shubha Vilas helps us to understand the foundational principles that help us build long-lasting, meaningful & fulfilling relationships with everyone around us.

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Date: Saturday, November 5 @ 6 pm

Location: EVGR Building B, Room 144, 735 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA

Event Schedule

6:00- 6:30 pm : Soulful Music

6:30 – 8:00 pm – Talk on  Perfect Love: 5.5 Ways to a Lasting Relationship.

8:00 pm – Vegetarian Dinner & Networking

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Speaker Bio:

Dr. Shubha Vilas is a lifestyle coach, storyteller, and author. His work focus is on the application of scriptural wisdom to day-to-day life and addressing the needs of corporates and the youth through power-packed seminars. . He has authored more than 30 thought-provoking books. His bestselling series is Ramayana: The Game of Life. He’s also the author of Open-Eyed Meditations, Mystical Tales for a Magical Life, and Perfect Love: 5.5 Ways to a Lasting Relationship.

He has delivered more than 6000 talks, inspiring more than 5,25,000 people, across twenty countries in the last ten years. He is a visiting faculty at several premier management schools in India including the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). He has been a guest speaker at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston;  Dresden International University, Germany; WITS, Johannesburg; and several campuses of the Indian Institute of Technology in India. He has also spoken at Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Samsung at their world headquarters in USA.

He studied patent law after completing his engineering degree but finally chose the path of a spiritual seeker. He has a  PhD in leadership from Sastra University.

Location: EVGR Building B 144