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Event Type: Online Class

Sat Sun
Aug 07 - Aug 08 2021
9:00am - 12:00pm
At your computer/device
Tia Rich

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The Power of the Pause Meditation Retreat

For thousands of years, people have taken contemplative retreats, time spent away from one’s normal life, for the purpose of cultivating resilience and equanimity, while deepening meaning, compassion, and wisdom. This virtual retreat offers you the experience of listening deeply to your body, spirit, and mind while being guided by an experienced teacher, providing a combination of teaching, practice, and reflection for a transformative learning experience.

Join us for contemplative practice, supported by evidence-based contemplative teachings. Careful guidance and training are offered in several practices including ones that facilitate focused attention, embodiment, breath awareness, mindfulness, emotion regulation, values alignment, reflective insight, awe, self-compassion, and loving kindness.

This weekend engagement retreat is suitable for both new and more experienced students of contemplative practices. You will receive information on contemplative practice opportunities at Stanford along with guidance on how to continue the “power of the pause” in your daily life.

Instructor: Tia Rich, PhD, is the founder and director of Contemplation by Design. She has been integrating contemplative practice into resilience, stress management, and career training programs and academic classes at Stanford University and Medical Center since 1984.

Class details are subject to change.