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Event Type: Online Class

Apr 19 - May 10 2023
12:00pm - 1:30pm
At your computer/device

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The Fundamentals of Meditation

Meditation cultivates health and positive human qualities. For more than 40 years, scientific research has documented benefits of meditation on the immune system, the brain, emotions, well-being, and behavior. Countless studies have shown meditation promotes health, concentration, emotional balance, altruism, and inner peace.

If you would like support and guidance to start or nurture a meditation practice, this online class series is for you. These four online sessions offer training in the fundamentals of meditation and opportunities to experience various ways to meditate so you can select and develop the practice that is right for you.

Class activities will include a range of practices beginning with breath-based and body-based mindfulness meditations. Class sessions will continue with walking meditation, visualization, and sound-based meditations, and culminate in the practice of loving kindness and compassion meditations. You will learn the difference between active and passive meditation and how to discern when to do each. The focus on direct experience will help you to begin and continue meditating. You will receive information on practice opportunities on campus, along with guidance on how to practice on your own or with others.

This class will not be recorded. Attendance requirement for incentive points – 3 of 4 sessions.

Request disability accommodations and access info.

Instructor: Tia Rich, PhD, is a lecturer in the Stanford School of Medicine and director of Contemplation By Design. She has been integrating breath-based self-care, mindfulness, compassion, and meditation into health and well-being programs for Stanford University since 1984.

Class details are subject to change.