The Art of Aloha

February 04, 2019 | 11:30am - 1:30pm | TBD

Sometimes, when our relationships are strained and feel in disharmony, it can be difficult to be productive and creative in other areas of our life. The knowledge and practical self-care skills that are developed as a way of life in Hawaii are understood in the practice of Aloha. Understanding and practicing the traditions and culture of Aloha can serve as a model for how to value each person and provide a new way to embrace your own personal development. In this 2-hour Art of Aloha workshop, we will focus on the practice of Ho’oponopono for reconciliation and forgiveness. Ho’oponopono is a peacemaking process to repair and strengthen relationships. The tenets of this practice can also be used to create internal harmony, especially when we are feeling that life has been turned upside down.

Join Diane Grace (Kumu Kamaolipua) in her second visit from the Big Island, as she shares the wisdom and practice of Ho’oponopono passed down to her from her ancestors, elders, and teachers.

Learn the fundamental and essential steps of this ancient cultural tradition

Learn how the to apply the principles of Ho?oponopono in your own relationships

Learn how to use Ho’oponopono to align your personal aspirations with productive action

Instructor: Diane Grace (Kumu Kamaolipua) is a life coach, certified ho’oponopono practitioner, speaker, workshop facilitator, and Kahu (ordained Hawaiian minister). She believes the lessons her Hawaiian culture teaches can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

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Registration Opens January 9, 2019

Class Fee: $70 (STAP/EA funds eligible)

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