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Event Type: Online Class

Mar 05 - Mar 12 2022
9:00am - 12:00pm
At your computer/device
Tia Rich

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The Art and Science of Breathing

In this online engagement class, you will learn breathing techniques to increase energy, enhance concentration, cultivate connection to yourself and others, create relaxation, and deepen sleep. We will explore the science of breath and the specific benefits of a variety of practices including diaphragmatic breathing, warming versus cooling techniques, and calming and centering skills.

Through group practice and individual instruction, you will discover the benefits of a variety of breathing practices and learn how best to incorporate them into your daily life. You will also create a personal action plan for more effective breathing that you can use to develop an ongoing practice for health and well-being.

Instructor: Tia Rich, PhD, is a lecturer in the Stanford School of Medicine and director of Contemplation By Design. She has been integrating breath-based self-care, mindfulness, compassion and meditation into health and well-being programs for Stanford University since 1984.  

Class details are subject to change.