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Event Type: Webinar

July 02, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm
At your computer/device
Jenn Sherer

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Spinefulness – Focus on Bones for More Strength, Mobility, and Flexibility

Are your beliefs about aging, mobility, and flexibility limiting you? Come find out how a shift in focus from muscles to bones can open up the ability to become more mobile, flexible, and energetic as you age.

Join us for this noontime Spinefulness webinar to see how you can leverage your bones and give your muscles a break, helping to relieve chronic pain. You?ll discover the Spinefulness view of inflexibility and how this change in outlook can help you recover and keep range of motion, strength, and flexibility in your joints. Learn how to unwind your body by understanding the physics of your own flesh and bone. The despair of a deteriorating body doesn’t have to be tolerated!

Instructor: Jenn Sherer, BS, was freed from her chronic shoulder, neck, knee, bunion, and back pain by the skills and techniques she learned in Spinefulness. She now champions these skills in her studio in Palo Alto, teaching this practical, non-invasive way to resolve muscular skeletal pains and increase overall wellness.

Class details are subject to change.