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November 22, 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm
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Jennifer Waldrop

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Snacking Reinvented – Holiday Edition

Healthy snacks can be an important tool to help improve nutrient intake, manage appetite, and stabilize mood and energy levels. However, snacking can often become a path for less nutritious foods to creep into our diet, sabotaging our wellness plans. This can be especially true around the holidays, when the temptations of sweet treats and tasty spreads seem to be everywhere.

Bring your curiosity to this noontime webinar for a chance to explore exciting new and healthy snack options, as well as ways to use healthy snacks to have fun and stay on track with your goals during the holidays. You will identify your personal reasons for snacking, practice savoring techniques to better taste and appreciate new foods, and learn strategies to choosing nutrient-dense snacks that can be applied to everyday food and snack choices. We’ll also explore snack suggestions specific to holiday eating, strategies for eating at parties, and how to respond to triggers like social pressure and traditional foods. You’ll walk away with fresh ideas for satisfying snacks and the tools you need to add healthy snacking to your diet, for the holidays or any day.

Instructor: Jennifer Waldrop, MPH, RDN, has worked as a registered dietitian and behavior change specialist for 15 years with a variety of communities including Stanford students, Kaiser researchers, app developers, and in corporate wellness clinics.

Class details are subject to change.