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Event Type: Webinar

September 25, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm
At your computer/device
Esther Gokhale

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Self-Empowerment Through Posture

What if people in indigenous, ancestral, and non-industrialized cultures know a better way to “have it all?” Having arrived on the planet without a user’s manual for our bodies, we depend on our culture to help us develop healthy movement and posture habits. In modern times, however, this cultural support has been eroded.

Join us for this noontime webinar to explore how your posture affects your whole life – and what you can do to restore and reinforce it. We will use posture as a springboard to examine the connection between physical well-being and emotional empowerment. You’ll observe the obvious aspects of posture, like strength, self-confidence, and poise, and dig into some less obvious aspects, like relaxation, openness, and adaptability.

During this workshop, you will study how to pool global best practices for multitasking in the face of life’s varied demands and how common posture cues like “chin up, chest out” and “sit up straight” undermine rather than support your body’s structural integrity. Learn how to restore a natural, healthy, and confident body and mind, cultivate a regal carriage, and look captivating!

Instructor: Esther Gokhale is the creator of the Gokhale Method and the author of 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back. She studied biochemistry at Harvard and Princeton and acupuncture at the San Francisco School of Oriental Medicine.

Class details are subject to change.