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Sep 29 - Oct 13 2021
1:00pm - 2:15pm
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Patty McLucas

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Relaxing Into Sleep

Discover how the simple practice of mindfulness can help transform your lifestyle habits in order to set the stage for a peaceful night’s sleep. In this 3-session online class, we will review core aspects of wellness – sound sleep, stress reduction, consistent exercise, and healthy eating – and learn how the establishment of these fundamental activities affects each moment of our day and the quality of our sleep at night.

We will study how the nervous system responds to stress, often creating a state of perpetual vigilance, and practice key skills that help restore balance and calm to the body and mind. You will experience guided meditations that will help you feel calmer and improve your ability to cope with the typical stressors of daily life. You will learn current guidelines for good sleep hygiene and the most common causes of difficulty falling asleep or nighttime wakefulness.

Class activities will include goal setting for implementing healthy sleep habits, tracking sleep patterns, and assessing results, in addition to mindful movement, gentle yoga and guided meditation.

Instructor: Patty McLucas is the founder of Mindful Wellness Group and has more than 20 years of experience as a wellness consultant. She currently teaches classes in mindfulness for Stanford’s Cancer Supportive Care Program and Healthy Living and has taught for other organizations including Apple and Google.

Class details are subject to change.