Pandemic Fatigue – Sustaining Our Energy and Well-Being Through Uncertainty

September 28, 2021 | 12:00pm - 1:00pm

As we continue to navigate pandemic life, many of us experience discouragement followed by hope followed by discouragement again. The constant pivoting, ongoing uncertainty, and effortful optimism can be stressful and deeply exhausting. How do we show up to work with focus and motivation? How do we show up to our people with love and compassion? How do we endure this moment and get to a finish line we can't currently see?

In this 1-hour webinar, we will discuss the range of ways our energy can be impacted by current events and explore practical tools for moving forward to stability and well-being. Mental and emotional health is NOT feeling happy all the time; it is the ability to find our center and respond appropriately in the moment. Learn how to normalize your current experiences through the lens of self-compassion, practice finding your center through mindfulness, and create an individualized plan for nourishing yourself by exploring what truly gives you energy.

Instructor: Sarah Meyer Tapia, MA, is associate director in the Division of Health and Human Performance at Stanford University.  She has worked in both employee and student wellness, studying and teaching stress-management, mindfulness, self-compassion, and behavior change to students, faculty, and staff.

Class details are subject to change.

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