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Event Type: Webinar

July 01, 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm
At your computer/device
Candii Dana, Kathryn Ramos

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Managing Chronic Conditions with Self-Management Tools

According to the CDC, nearly half of US adults are affected by chronic health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and arthritis. These conditions limit function, health, activity, and work for these people, affecting the quality of their lives as well as the lives of their families. However, research shows that learning how to address problems and make informed decisions about health can help these people live a healthier life.

Join this noontime webinar for an overview of common symptoms that many people living with ongoing or chronic conditions experience and an introduction to self-management tools that can help them successfully manage symptoms. You will have a chance to practice using several self-management techniques including mindful breathing, goal setting and action planning, and problem solving, giving you immediate tools to set you on the path of increased wellness.

This webinar is only available at the scheduled date and time.

Instructors: Kathryn Ramos is a peer facilitator for Canary Health. She has been involved in self-management support since 2006 as a facilitator and master trainer for Chronic Disease Self-Management, Diabetes Self-Management, and Chronic Pain Self-Management, developed by Stanford University Patient Education Research Center.

Candii Dana is the peer facilitator manager for Canary Health and leads the quality and engagement activities for the workshops. She has been involved with the Canary Health programs for over 10 years, beginning her journey with the Stanford Self-Management Programs in 2007, and is a master trainer and t-trainer in the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program and Diabetes Self-Management Program.

Class details are subject to change.