Making Friends with Stress: Maximizing Opportunities for Growth

February 12, 2019 | 5:30pm - 7:00pm | 1070 Arastradero Road, Room 202 A&B

Finally, some good news about stress! Recent scientific data has found that there are some real benefits to stress. Times of stress can be opportunities for learning, personal growth, happiness, improved performance, and deeper social interactions. Building on the work of Alia Crum, PhD (Stanford Psychology), this 4-session class will cover the research on the different approaches to stress. Specifically, we will discuss the benefits of having a “stress is enhancing” mindset; strategies for appreciating stress and harnessing that energy; and ways to reduce stress by incorporating creative play into daily life and engaging in mindfulness practices and relaxation techniques.

Emphasis will be placed on incorporating lessons from class into your daily routine.

NOTE: This class qualifies for the 2019 BeWell Engagement incentive

Instructors: Dominique Del Chiaro, MeD, is the Healthy Living Manager at the Health Improvement Program (HIP), a seasoned educator, a transpersonal life coach, a dance and fitness instructor and mentor teacher. She is an avid meditator and has facilitated wellness courses for over 25 years.

Debbie Balfanz, PhD, is the Group Behavior Change Manager at the Health Improvement Program (HIP) and provides individual wellness coaching. She has been helping individuals make sustainable lifestyle changes since coming to HIP in 2002. In addition, Deborah is on her own personal journey to learn how to “make friends with stress.”

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Class Fee: $200 (STAP/EA funds: Yes)

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