Intuitive Eating – Making Peace with Food, July 28 – August 25, 2021

July 28, 2021 | 12:00pm - 1:15pm

Are you tired of the endless dieting-cycles and body loathing? Do you analyze every food decision? Have you stopped trusting yourself around food? Diets are not only a low ROI endeavor, they can cause long term harm, “eat up” our energy, and keep us from living our best lives yet.

Discover an alternative to the paradigm of restrictive eating in this 5-session online engagement workshop. You will learn the principles of intuitive eating to break free from the illusion of diets, reconnect with your body’s hunger and fullness cues, and adopt self-care practices that truly nourish you. We will explore what has you stuck in a diet mentality and provide practical tips and tools on how to change your thoughts about diets, food, and your body for good.

You will experience small group sharing and discussion, thought provoking self-reflection, and effective home practice which will start you down the road to making peace with your body and rediscovering the joy of eating without depriving yourself. Please be prepared to actively participate in breakout rooms and class discussions.

Note: This course is intended for general health education and serves as an introduction to the Intuitive Eating TM approach and is not intended to diagnose or treat eating disorders.

Instructor: Christina Becker, MPH, RDN, NBC-HCW, is an integrative nutritionist, board-certified wellness coach, and certified intuitive eating counselor with more than 17 years of experience working in the healthcare industry. She provides 1:1 and group coaching, talks, corporate programming and seminars for Silicon Valley Fortune 50 companies, Stanford, and her private practice. 

Class details are subject to change.

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