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November 19, 2021
4:00pm - 5:00pm
At your computer/device
Lisa Roberts Hurd, M.Phil., AADP

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Healthy Holiday Party Hacks

It can be challenging to enjoy the holiday season without throwing everything you know about health and wellness out the window. While indulging from time to time is one of life’s pleasures, the truth is that an entire season filled with rich and sugary treats can lead to bloat and indigestion, mood swings, brain fog, poor sleep, and inflammation.

In this virtual cooking class, you will discover how to create indulgent-tasting yet better-for-you party treats and recipes filled with nutrient-rich ingredients that will leave you with more cheer and less regret. You will learn tips and tricks to bring evidence-based nutrition into your festive plans while you prepare a simple appetizer, dessert, and even a fun and festive mocktail, all perfect to share with friends and family at your next holiday event. Recipes, including ingredients and equipment needed, will be sent out with your class confirmation. Ingredient substitutions will be suggested to accommodate most dietary restrictions.

Instructor: Lisa Roberts Hurd, MPhil, MA, is an Oxford University educated culinary archaeologist, board certified health coach, and chef. Her work is featured in The Huffington Post, Brad Lamm’s JUST 10 LBs, and Erika Lenkert’s Healthy Eating During Pregnancy. Recent collaborations include Yelp, lululemon, and Constellation Behavioral Health.

Class details are subject to change.