Getting Older: Don’t Take it Sitting Down!

March 06, 2019 | 12:00pm - 1:00pm | Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge (LKSC) (291 Campus Drive), Rm 205/206

Do you feel too young to get old? What exactly is healthy aging? The answers are different for people at different stages of life. This class will cover ways to live longer and better, based on the latest research by experts in the field of growing older. Session 1 will focus on ways of helping you take charge of your body and mind. What specific kind of exercise do you need to emphasize in your fitness program? What specific kinds of food do you need to be eating? What can you do to remain mentally sharp? Session 2 will focus on taking charge of your life. What myths do you have about getting older? Are telomeres the key to aging? What do you need to relinquish, and to what do you want to enhance as you move on? What does generativity versus stagnation mean to you?

If youth, health, beauty, and power supposedly recede as you get older, why do studies tell us older people are the happiest age group of all? This paradox of aging and other topics will be explored.

Instructor: Joyce Hanna, MA, MS, is the Associate Director of the Health Improvement Program (HIP) and the Director of the Living Strong Living Well program for cancer survivors. She is also an exercise physiologist, nutritionist, and behavioral health consultant. Joyce has been with HIP since 1991.

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Class Fee: $70 (STAP/EA funds: Yes) 

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