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Event Type: Online Class

Sep 27 - Oct 11 2021
12:00pm - 1:15pm
At your computer/device
Gretchen George

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Food Trends

Am I eating enough protein on this plant based diet? Should I be supplementing with collagen or is this spirulina in my smoothie enough for my protein needs? I am feeling run down, is taking an adaptogen the solution to my low energy needs? If you find yourself asking questions like this about your nutrition, then this class is for you.

Join us in this 3-session online course to discern truth over fiction. Through creative discussion, weekly tips, application of tools derived from nutritional science, and a virtual taste test from your kitchen, you will become empowered to navigate the ongoing hype around popular trends regarding health, stress and energy levels. Take control over misinformation and embrace your health through delicious dietary practices.

Instructor: Gretchen George, PhD, RDN, is an associate professor in nutrition and dietetics at San Francisco State University. Prior to her faculty position, she worked at Stanford Prevention Research Center as a research dietitian on multiple weight loss and wellness themed studies.

Class details are subject to change.