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Event Type: Online Class

Tue Thu
Aug 18 - Aug 20 2020
11:30am - 1:00pm
At your computer/device
Bruce Cryer

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Finding Inner Balance with HeartMath – Tools and Technology to Reduce Stress and Add Heart to Your Life

Stress doesn?t have to age you too fast and ruin your quality of life. In this 2-session online workshop, you will learn the tools to prevent, neutralize, and recover from stress so you have youthful energy and vitality again.

The secret to the HeartMath program is discovering the complex direct communication between heart and brain and learning how to leverage that system for maximum performance, emotional balance, mental function, and well-being. This fun, interactive, science-based program teaches you techniques you can immediately apply to increase focus and energy, improve sleep, and reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

An exciting feature of the program is learning how to use the Inner Balance system from HeartMath, an innovative app-based biometric device that will help you manage the overwhelm of stress in real time. This technology, together with behavioral techniques learned in the workshop, is designed to enhance your ability to self-regulate emotions and physiological responses so you are able to choose how you feel independent of what’s happening around you. HeartMath serves hundreds of organizations worldwide, including Stanford University, Kaiser Permanente, NASA, Yosemite National Park, the World Bank, and the Mayo Clinic.

NOTE: To participate fully in the class, each participant will need to provide their own app-based sensor device called the Inner Balance Bluetooth sensor for Android and iPhone. Please obtain your device and download the free app prior to the first class.

Instructor: Bruce Cryer is the founder of Renaissance Human, former CEO of HeartMath, executive coach and mentor, and a former singer, actor, and dancer on Broadway. He has taught at Stanford’s Health Improvement Program and the Graduate School of Business since 1997.

Class details are subject to change.