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June 24, 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm
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Christopher Li

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Financial Wellness – Foundation of Investing

Do you want to have a happy, healthy, and relatively stress-free relationship with your finances?

Join us for our free summer webinar series on Financial Wellness. Each session will address a specific finance topic – investing, estate planning, and credit reports – to give you concrete tools to improve your financial wellness. Pick and choose the sessions that apply to you or attend all three. By investing your time in careful financial planning now, you can reap the rewards of reduced stress and the freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy your life to its fullest.

Foundation of Investing

This webinar will cover the essential elements of investment principles and concepts, including savings and investments, setting investment goals and plans, risk and reward profiles of major asset classes, concept of asset allocation and basic design of your portfolio construction. We will also talk about some myths of investing and how you could avoid making some major mistakes in your investment plans.

This webinar is only available at the scheduled date and time.

Christopher Li is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a retired chief investment officer of a large corporation. He has served in various roles at several major companies, including Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company, Dow Jones and MetLife. He is also a 2020 Fellow of the Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute and holds an MBA from Stanford University.

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