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April 22, 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm
At your computer/device
Emily Kraus

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Exercise-Related Injuries

Regular physical exercise has many physical, emotional, and social benefits; it can improve mood, reduce stress, improve the quality of sleep, reduce the risk of chronic disease, and much more. Yet an overzealous workout can also lead to strain and injury, especially for busy professionals who spend more time behind a computer screen than at the gym. How can the weekend warrior and former/retired athlete reap all of the benefits from exercise while also reducing the risk of injury?

Join this noontime webinar to discover why exercise related injuries happen and how they can be prevented. You will learn the most common acute and chronic/overuse injuries seen in the weekend warrior and outline a safe approach to exercise, maximizing the benefit, and minimizing the injury risk. You will also discover how to maintain an exercise regimen as you age and tips on exercising safely during COVID-19 with more limited access to facilities.

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Emily Kraus, MD, is a clinical assistant professor at Stanford Children’s Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center and specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation sports medicine. She has research and clinical interests in endurance sports medicine, injury prevention, running biomechanics, the prevention of bone stress injuries in collegiate athletes and the promotion of health and wellness at any age of life.

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