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Event Type: Online Class

Oct 28 - Nov 18 2022
12:00pm - 1:30pm
At your computer/device
Sally Duplantier

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Eat Well for Life

It is quite apparent that our bodies change as we age – we can look in a mirror and notice that! However, it is less apparent what foods we should consume, and what we should avoid, to best support our changing bodies.

In this online engagement class, you will learn the science of how the brain and body change as we age and the important role that nutrition plays in slowing down age-related decline and mitigating the risk of age-related diseases. This class combines the latest research in nutrition and aging and with practical application. Through a complementary app provided, you will have an opportunity to record food you eat, analyze its nutrients, and apply what you’ve learned to determine if it is optimal for healthy aging.

This class will not be recorded.

Instructor: Sally Duplantier is the founder of Zing and is focused on helping people “live their best life longer” through better lifestyle choices. She has a master of science degree in gerontology from USC and a certificate in nutrition science from Stanford. Sally recently published a paper on the link between diet and cognitive health with Dr. Christopher Gardner.

Class details are subject to change.