CBD 2021: An Astronaut’s Perspective: Earth views inspiring us to care for our planet

October 25, 2021 | 5:30pm - 6:30pm

As an astronaut, Steve Smith will reveal how his life journey to being able to travel really fast ' Mach 25 or 25 times the speed of sound to be exact ' also paradoxically, rendered sublime mindful realizations regarding the power of living with kindness toward oneself, toward others, and toward our planet.  His 3-decade effort to fulfill his childhood dream, mapped in several colorful childhood sketches of spaceship travel, included suffering a near-fatal 11-day illness as a 15 year-old that rendered perspectives, values, and habits for a peaceful, balanced life.  On his 'dream path,â?  NASA rejected him 4 times, and even permanently, or so thought NASA, by medically disqualifying him from even applying. He'll describe what inspired him to continue and he'll provide advice for all ages on the ways of wise compassionate action that support one's well-being and the well-being of the Earth.  

Steve Smith, in his dynamic talks, shares the wonders of spaceflight and cultivates the 'explorer's mindsetâ? in his audience members, motivating everyone to be resilient, and to care for the planet. He dreamed of being an astronaut at age 7. He made his dream come true through sheer determination and intelligent risk taking. During the pursuit of his dream he became a Stanford electrical engineer and MBA, General Motors Fellow, pilot, collegiate athlete, and IBM Product Manager. He now uses this one-of-a-kind experience base for his work as a board director, venture capital advisor, and keynote speaker. 

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