Walking the Windhover Labyrinth

August 15, 2017 | 5:30pm - 6:45pm | Thornton Center, Rm 210

This is a 2-week class.

The Office for Religious Life (ORL) and HIP are collaborating to offer a labyrinth walking fundamentals workshop.

This 2-session program will provide you with knowledge of the rich history and stress reduction and resilience-building benefits of the contemplative practice of labyrinth walking. Each session will begin in the classroom followed by a practicum of walking the Windhover labyrinth. Class will be held rain or shine. Please dress accordingly. Registration is required for this free class.

Instructors: The Rev. Joanne Sanders, Associate Dean for Religious Life at Stanford, and Tia Rich, PhD, HIP Senior Health Promotion Specialist, and Contemplation by Design program manager.

Full event information: http://events.stanford.edu/events/698/69869

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Fee: $0 

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Contact Email: healthimprovement@stanford.edu

Contact Phone: (650) 723-9649