CREEES MA Capstone Presentations

June 08, 2017 | 11:00am - 2:00pm | Lane History Corner, Building 200, Room 307

Joel Beckner

Murmansk, the Arctic, and Russia: Interpreting the Drivers of Change

Melanie Dalby

Make Russia Great Again: Russia’s Politics of International Intervention

David Ernst

Honor and Tyranny: A Theoretical Analysis of Contemporary Russia’s Objectives in the Middle East

Ivan Jiang

The Changing Dynamics in the Russian Empire’s China Trade

Seulgi Ko

Reshaping National Memory: Decommunization in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine

Caitlyn Littlepage

Under Pressure: What Outliers Can Tell us About Corruption in the Post-Soviet Space

Bri Mostoller

Nationalism and the Nagaika: The Cossack Movement In Russia

Victoria Pardini

Recruiting for Excellence: International Hiring and Enrollment in Recent Russian Higher Education Reforms

Katherine Schroeder

Lights Out: Exploring the Historical Framework and Impacts of Russia’s 2014 Smoking Policy

Ryan Wauson

You Can’t Change Us: Russian Security Services in the Age of Reform

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